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About Us

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Arsan Tejarat Abaris Company was established in 2012 in the field of Monitor Cables Accessories, Patient Monitoring Technologies and Cordial Service like ECG Cables and Spo2 sensor with by target to improve social Health and respond their customers’ demands.

In recent years, the company has maintained its growing trend by taking advantage of the capabilities and experience of the company’s managers and staff as well as the support of the country’s medical and hospital centers, and is now one of the leading companies in the field of consumer equipment supply. Most of the medical and hospital centers in the country continue to operate.

Survey and get feedback from customers

Customers, as one of our most important partners, have an important role to play in managing our business. In order to maximize the role of the customers in the company, customer surveys and satisfaction programs have been implemented.

Warranty and after sales service

In order to provide the right conditions for the optimal performance of the company’s products in the medical and hospital centers, a one-year warranty on the permanent use of equipment is provided in the patient cables and monitoring cables and pulse oximeter probes.

Services Delivery of goods

Arsan Tejarat Abaris Company has been providing rapid delivery services to meet the urgent needs of medical and hospital centers in a timely manner.

our customers

During its years of operation, Arsan Tejarat Abaris has been able to gain an appropriate and reputable position in the market with the support and support of its customers. Most of all, this success was due to good reviews and customer support